"I believe in work, hard work."

Education Details

University: Auburn University

Degree: Public Relations

Major GPA: 4.0

This May, I will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in public relations from Auburn University. Besides giving me some of the best years of my life, Auburn University has also stretched me and prepared me to take on whatever the working world will bring.
Auburn University has been ranked as one of the top 50 public universities for over 23 consecutive years. This year, Auburn University ranked 46th in the nation for the best public universities.

Relevant Course Work

Auburn University has offered me the opportunity to take a multitude of different classes to further my knowledge of public relations. Here you can learn about some of the classes I have been so lucky to take.

1. Case Studies
This is a course designed to enhance public relations students with an understanding of both effective and ineffective methods of PR through studying actual cases from the field itself.
2. Style & Design
This is a capstone course within the public relations curriculum that applies style and design to public relations messages through the use of various content management systems and creative software.
3. Writing for PR
This course will have an emphasis on communication tactics; plan, write and produce public relations tools; audience and media selection; print and electronic media.
This course practices the application of theory, research data and problem-solving techniques in the development of comprehensive public relations strategies.
5. Survey Research
This course works on identifying, characterizing and evaluating stakeholder groups and alternative channels of communication; formal research procedures including sampling, instrument design, information gathering, data processing, analysis and reporting
6. Foundations of PR
This is a course designed to be an overview of functions, practices and growing application of public relation in both private industry and the public sector.
7. Magazine and Feature Writing
Magazine and Feature Writing taught me how to tell a story in a compelling way. Several of my features are published in my magazine, viewable under the Portfolio tab.
8. Journalism Fundamentals
Journalism Fundamentals first introduced me to the importance of AP Style. I learned proper word usage and the correct spelling of commonly misspelled words.